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CURRENT Availability:

looking FOR POSITIONS IN storyboarding, and revision.

open to illustration, viz dev,

and comics.

available FOR fulltime and


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job positions I have worked: storyboard artist, storyboard revisionist, visual development artist, prop and Vfx design, character design, Graphic designer, illustrator, product design and 2d game artist.

Previous clients: volta animation, yes our kids can, varied freelance clients

shows/shorts: mech cadets, air

groups: women in animation, spider forest webcomic collective, creator nation, project city

games: wenches and loot, tba projects

project genres: action, cg, sci-fi, fantasy, COMEDY, horror, preschool

programs: storyboard pro, adobe photoshop, clip studio paint, unity, visual studio, blender, procreate, basecamp

classes taken:

tb choi - character storytelling
danny araya - fundamentals of action storyboarding

kris nguyen - webtoons workshop fundamentals

ethan becker - animation industry fundamentals

modern day james - the figure for animation 1 and 2


about me: 

  • known as "Breen Machine" as I work fast.

  • self-taught artist, now taking classes to level up my skills

  • "rescue artist" jumping in to help during bumps in production.

  • experience in games, as a programmer and artist. (unity)

  • webcomic artist, producing designs and story while meeting weekly deadlines.

  • experience managing teams, and other artists for varied projects.

in addition to my love of animation, I also enjoy writing, programming, and martial arts. (I have two black belts)
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breen heath

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